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Project Description

The size and shape of travel mugs make them a perfect product to print or engrave your logo on. People who use them really love them and they won’t mind promoting your company while drinking their coffee out of their own personal travel mug. This is a useful gift and it is a gift that coffee drinkers will know to appreciate and they will cherish it. All the mugs in our offer are top quality and there are a lot of different mugs to choose from. We offer two different options concerning the material from which the mugs are made. You can choose either plastic or stainless steel but they are both perfect for printing or engraving logos, so there are no worries there.

There are different options when it comes to mug design also. It is up to you to decide if you want an insulated steel mug with a contrasting lid and heat resistant handle or you want to go for something more modest. You can go for a self warming travel mug option, if you know that the recipient is a person who lives on the go. It will keep his or her coffee warm if they are interrupted by high priority obligations.

This is a perfect gift for both your employees and customers and is a gift that people will actually use. People tend to grow fond of their coffee mug and in some cases they hold on to them all their lives and this is why we try to make them as durable as possible. All insulated travel mugs we stock retain heat well, they are perfect for office use, corporate giveaways, tradeshow promotions and any other promotional effort. High quality products show more positive results and send a message of respect to the intended recipient.

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