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Project Description

Stress balls have been around for a long time and have been used as stress relief tools, concentration aids and even in physical therapy. Their practical nature combined with a fun, often sport-related design makes them a great promotional product that can be distributed to employees in-house, given away at large-scale conventions or used for mail shots. They are very well received by the general public, they are useful and, most importantly, they are a very inexpensive way to promote your brand. It is very quick and easy to have your logo printed on a large number of our stress balls and start utilizing them as part of your promotional strategy.

The practical side of these products has been scientifically proven through numerous studies done on people with a sedentary and high-stress lifestyle as well as top level athletes faced with performance anxiety. Squeezing a stress ball in the left hand for several minutes can greatly improve focus and help alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. They can also be used to exercise the muscles and strengthen all the little joints of the hand, thus helping prevent repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome in people who spend a good part of the day working on a computer.

Squeezing the muscles of the hand tightly when faced with adverse circumstances has been shown to help people exert higher levels of self-control. In studies, people who clenched a stress ball or similar object in their hands were able process stressful information and devise an effective strategy to overcome the problem significantly quicker than those who didn’t have access to stress relievers. Problem solving under pressure is something that is required in many professions, and their ability to increase performance makes stress shapes a great item to have in an office environment.
Our stress balls are a quality product that comes in a variety designs – from uniform coloring to designs like basket balls, soccer balls, tennis balls, cricket balls and even a globe – and can be personalized with high-quality custom printing. We provide cheap stress balls that are small enough to be carried around all day and large enough to feature a clearly visible company logo and slogan. There are also a number of creative ways you can utilize these products – sport ball shapes can be given away in anticipation of big sporting events; pink balls can be used to promote charities like breast cancer research; the earth stress ball can be used in ecological campaigns or to denote that your company is eco-conscious and so on. It is important to note that these stress balls are business-to-business and business-to-customer gifts and not children’s toys.

Feel free to browse through our extensive product gallery and look at the different models of stress balls that we offer to find something that will be best suited to your company’s needs. If you are interested in purchasing our products or becoming a qualified re-seller or distributor you can contact us at or by using the contact form on our website.