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Project Description

If you are looking to cover large crowds for promotional purposes or just resolve the issue of promotional material over a long period of time, this might be the best solution for you. We can offer you a lot of diversity when it comes to pencil design. They are perfect for promoting your brand and are useful promotional gifts that people will usually keep. The success rate of this promotional material is very high – unlike, for example, simple flyers that get thrown away in a matter of seconds, because they serve no other purpose besides promotion.

Choose a design that will serve a promotional purpose that is best suited for your particular branch of business.

  • Standard Wooden Pencils

This is the most popular choice. Wooden pencils are universal, they can easily be used in many different kinds of promotional campaigns – you can target both kids and senior citizens. Furthermore, they come in a variety of colors and are always considered useful to have around. No matter what kind of business you are in – a car salesman or a coffee shop owner, a layer or a dentist – you can use this product for your promotion.

  • Mechanical Pencils

From a practical point of view, mechanical pencils are a good choice for two reasons. They do not require any sharpening and have a permanent casing which always offers the same grip. They are also reloadable. From a marketing point of view, your logo will be visible longer – since the gift will last longer. They come in both plastic and metal varieties.

  • Carpenter Pencils

This is a practical choice if you own a construction company, or a company that provides services connected to carpentering, tailoring and the like. They are perfect for conventions, job fairs and large promotional campaigns.

  • Green solutions

If you want practical material that can fit into an environmentally friendly promotional event, we have the right thing for you. We offer a choice of biodegradable pencils which are perfect for these kinds of situations. Promotions through eco-friendly events are usually pretty excellent opportunities for marketing.

  • Coloring pencils

These are perfect if your target audience is younger or if you target artists or people in the design business. You can target parents as well… We can cover the branding as well and deliver a large shipment very fast. Pen AU is in this business for a long time and we are experienced when it comes to handling last minute calls.

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