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Project Description

Non-woven bags are some of the most successful promotional products. Being that they are widespread and multipurpose, they can present a powerful asset for a promotional marketing campaign. They are larger than any other common type of promotional product, thus giving you more room to put your company logo, motto, as well as contact details for multiple offices. People are constantly using bags for shopping. However, common plastic or paper bags are usually thrown away quickly (usually immediately after the purchase) unlike non-woven bags. They are beautiful, handy and more durable than the common ones and thus people tend to hold on to them longer.

Non-woven bags are recommended for feminine marketing campaigns – for make-up products, clothing and footwear, groceries, etc. It is true that shopping is pretty popular amongst women and that is why you will most often see these bags with them. If you are planning to promote a drugstore or a boutique, these bags are certainly the most powerful asset of your promotional campaign.
Because of their size, when held by your customers, they present a walking advertisement. You can put something larger on them, with larger fonts, which will allow your potential customers to read it and recognize it from a distance. This is exactly the reason why these bags have become one of the most popular promotional product used today.

Tote bags, shopping bags, sling bags, flap satchels and nylon backpacks – all of these represent a type of promotional non-woven bag used for advertising today. Besides the fact that they are recommended as women oriented products, they can be utilized to promote almost any type of company and can be adapted for all potential client groups, regardless of their age and sex. They are a stylish, useful and most durable type of promotional product today and they can be used along with other promotional products as well. For instance – if you are giving away a pack of promotional products on business conferences (pens, notebooks, key rings, and stress shapes) they can be packed in a beautifully designed non-woven gift bag.

Here at Pen Australia, we offer you a vast variety of promotional non-woven bags for your marketing campaign. They come in almost any color and are easy to print on. You can run through our galleries to choose the color and type of non-woven bag that suits both your company’s style and your marketing budget. If you are looking for more information, feel free to contact us at or via the contact form on our website.