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Project Description

Pen Australia is the main producer and seller of stainless steel and aluminum water bottles. Due to their often usage and popularity, we aim to offer as many different designs for this particular promotional product. All are produced with superior quality because we aim to fulfill our customers’ needs and we want to remain your main supplier of these items. This is why we try to set new standards in this industry and produce promotional water bottles of exceptional design and great value.

The main goal we are trying to reach with this product is to supply promotional material that is not only healthy for you, but for the environment as well. For these reasons, our aluminum and stainless steel water bottles are a much better solution, compared to plastic bottles. Plastic bottles pile up and pollute our environment. And, this is certainly not the case with our products. They are sturdier and better than those made of plastic and thus they prove to be much healthier for you – they are eco-friendly, as well. Furthermore, their properties make it a wise choice for people keep them, instead of throwing them away as soon as they become empty.

When it comes to stainless steel water bottles, we have a wide variety of designs, colors and shapes. They are all similar to an extent, since water bottles are rarely different, but if you are interested in something “out of the ordinary”, don’t worry – we can still offer our services. These services would include our several differently designed printed bottles. These add something fresh and different compared to the regular design. Aside from stainless steel bottles, we also mentioned that we offer aluminum ones. They also come in different designs and shapes, different colors and sizes, just like the stainless steel ones.

These promotional products of ours can be useful to many people, from athletes to little children in kindergarten and school. Besides that, they are practical for our surroundings, since they substitute the plastic ones. If you haven’t known, basically 8 out of 10 plastic bottles in Australia end up as a pile of garbage. By using stainless steel and aluminum bottles and refilling them afterwards, you are saving money for your business and reducing plastic landfill.

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