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Project Description

Pens are probably the oldest and the most successful asset of every promotional marketing campaign. It is a fact that you will always need a pen to write something down during your day. Whether it is a simple thing like taking down a number or making a shopping list or even sign some kind of important business document, you will always need a pen for that. This is why pens are a widespread type of promotional products – just check your home, we are sure you will find at least one pen with a company logo and contact details on it.

Although metal pens are more expensive than the plastic ones, they are certainly better and more efficient as a promotional product. They are long lasting and people tend to keep them longer at their side. This will most certainly have a positive effect on your promotional campaign being that your clients will have more time to remember the logo, or whatever you decide to out on your promotional product.

Metal pens as promotional products have a higher value and they present a powerful status symbol. Instead of just giving them away on the street, they should be used directly after the conversation with your potential client/customer. Although you may think it is irrelevant, people most often opt for a certain company based on their experience with them. Giving them a “rather insignificant” product such as a metal pen can present a huge advantage for you, in comparison to other companies in your branch.

These quality metal pens can be used for handing out on company business conferences to various important clients as well. They make a great gift for your employees as recognition for the effort they contributed to improving your business. If nicely packed (placed in stylish boxes, small velvet pouches or handed out together along with other promotional products) they can present a beautiful and well-worthy gift.

Our quality pens are used by some of the finest companies throughout Australia as a perfect advertising solution. All corporate pens are supplied with black ink. However, if ordered in bulk and if you can wait, you can opt for blue ink refills as well.
We offer various types of promotional metal pens to all of our clients. They come in almost any color and can be adapted to blend with your company postcard (logo, contact details, company motto). Feel free to look through our galleries and choose the ones that fit your company’s style and your marketing budget.

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