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Project Description

Corporate gifts are a range of a bit more serious marketing and business gifts which are usually given to major clients. Employees who have shown an exemplary work ethic and professional behavior are also often on the receiving end, when these gifts are in questions. They are also intended for new potential customers and all this is done in order to solidify the relationship between the recipient and the company. They are high quality products, done with taste and style, with a not too straight forward accent on the company logo. We create different types of corporate gift so you can adjust the kind of relationship you want to promote with the person in question. There is a difference between going for something formal or something casual and fun.

You have to understand that incentives and gifts are not the same thing. With incentives you set a milestone and when an employee or customer reaches that milestone you reward his or her loyalty to your company via a reward. Corporate gifts are a more spontaneous way to give praise where praise is due. You do not set a goal to reach; you praise positive behavior because employee did god work on his or her own. This personal side of things makes gift giving a better choice when it comes to creating a relationship between the customer or employee and the company.

We hold a large variety of corporate gifts so you can make your choice based on the personality of the person on the receiving end. A good corporate gift is useful in some way and that’s why it is important that you actually pay a bit of attention and find something that the receiving party finds useful. If you are dealing with a business type of character you can, for example, go for an aluminum business card holder. If it is an employee, try to find something that he or she, for example, lacks in the workplace and provide it.

After all, you don’t want your present to end up forgotten in some cardboard box in the attic or even worse in a trash can.
According to the research done by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), companies that have a gift giving policy are twice more likely to close a deal and be hired by the recipient than the ones who don’t. That’s why we deliver the highest quality of products since a lot of things may depend on them.

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