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Project Description

One of the most practical promotional products you can find out there would definitely be key rings. At Pen Australia, we offer a wide variety of key chains, key rings, key tags, etc. All will prove to be of great help in your promotional campaign. With them being a practical and commonly used item, you cannot go wrong.

The wide variety of design in these key chains will suit your organization and your budget. You will be able to choose from the inexpensive plastic key rings to metal key rings of higher quality. Both will be helpful in promoting your brand to potential customers and you only need to choose according to your particular taste. You do not need to worry about the effects of each specific type – all are effective.

You can choose some more interesting and funnier versions, like the kangaroo key ring made from aluminum, which also serves as a bottle opener. If you want some other kind of bottle opener which is used as a key chain, we also provide classical key ring bottle openers. All of our promotional key chains will be a good part of your campaign, and you can even get, for example, a skateboard-shaped key ring which can also be given to children, if your service also affects them. Besides the fact that we offer different shapes and sizes, we also offer most of these in different colors. So, once again, it is up to you – choose what you prefer most.
We also mentioned the ones of higher quality – metal key rings. Just like with the plastic ones, it is the same with the metal variety – you have various designs. If you are interested in bottle openers, once again we have them, made out of metal. All key rings are made from quality metals, so you don’t have to fear that they will break. Some of them even have matt chrome finishes, which makes them even better.

Don’t think that bottle openers are all we have to offer when key rings are in question; we make them in other shapes as well. Those shaped like key rings of certain car brands are something that would certainly be of interest to many people, so you could consider them for example. If you want something different, in our stock you can find something like a key ring shaped as a house, or star shaped ones for example. All are made from metal with shiny chrome used to make them more attractive.
In the end, they all prove to have the same function – to help promote your brand and be useful and attractive to people. But if you want even more from them, we also provide key rings made according to custom designs. You can thus choose a specific shape and color; if that is something you want from your promotional product. All in all, key rings are an effective corporate gift and will definitely serve your promotional needs and your business in general, whatever the state of your budget.

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